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For better or worse, we have deeply developed characteristics and tendencies within us. If we are honest with ourselves, we acknowledge our own habits, preferences, and understandings that are difficult, if not impossible, for others to break or alter. 

As a student of leadership studies my personal library is filled with leadership books and articles. Many of these publications outline, from the author’s lens, the necessary attributes required to fit a preconceived leadership mold.

This book is not a leadership guide. It’s not a leadership 101 class set to dictate the definition of leadership. This book is aimed at leadership configuration, and how we create and cultivate our own unique leadership form. Through forty-three leadership vignettes, the ​book examines held beliefs and what triggers emotional reaction, thought and reflection.

While this book uses a volume of leadership science authored by academics to anchor principles and concepts, paired with anecdotal insights and perspective garnered through personal and professional experiences, it should be treated as an instrument for creating dialogue and discussion and formulating the necessary questions to put your own assumptions to the test.

To emerging leaders not yet armoured against the craziness of context, Humanizing Leadership examines the various aspects of leadership, while putting an emphasis on the individual’s need to become his or her own style of leader through in-depth self-examination, rather than trying to mimic the style of others.

The pages that follow examine how reflection fuels, people matter, and relationships make a difference. These three threads are used to weave a tapestry of self-discovery and personal growth.


The book will help you see what has always been in you and in front of you!

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