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In addition to over eighty published essays are articles in the Health Forum Journal, Healthcare Quarterly, Healthcare Papers, Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy, Brazilian Healthcare Journal, Pacific Journal of Health Management, Accreditation Canada Qmentum Quarterly, Healthcare Management Forum Journal, and the International Hospital Federation Journal.

International Publications


Universal Healthcare Challenges and Opportunities


Transforming Adult Critical Care Service Delivery In Ontario

Focus: Lessons from SARS, burning platform to create a provincial critical care strategy.


Asking The Question - Do You See Brilliance

Focus: Asking the right questions to find healthcare brilliance.


What Are You Prepared To See

Focus: Leadership is asking questions to test held assumptions.


Best Practices (Portuguese) 

Focus: Aligning and leveraging patient safety accreditation to patient safety practices.


Patient Safety (Portuguese)

Focus: A call to action to reduce harm and death.

Canadian Published Articles and Papers

Surgical Wait Time 


Healthcare In Ontario - What Has The System Learned From SARS

Focus: The power of collaboration and the need for a new conversation and narrative.


Ontario Wait Time Strategy Part 1 - The Plan

Focus: Key elements of the Ontario Strategy.


Ontario Wait Time Strategy Part  2 - Expert Panels

Focus: The power of engagement and the creation of champions.


Ontario Wait Time Strategy Part  3 - Pivotal Role of Critical Care and Surgical Efficiencies

Focus: We cannot sustain reduced wait times without improvement in Critical Care and Surgical Efficiencies. 


Ontario Wait Time Strategy Part 4 - Evaluating Outcomes In Ontario's Wait Time Strategy

Focus: A check-in on progress, lessons learned and outcomes accomplished.


Developing A Culture To Sustain Ontario's Wait Time Strategy

Focus: National perspectives on the importance of culture and its impact on sustainability.


The Wait Times Are A Changing

Focus: What worked and what we learned in developing Ontario's strategy.

Primary Care


Reflections On Ontario's Primary Healthcare Journey

Focus: Ontario story of primary care reform.

Leadership, Engagement, Relationships & Building Accountability


Engaging The Staff

Focus: A different approach to the worldwide nursing shortage; treat nurses well and they will stay on the job.


Making Performance Reports Work

Focus: The true impact of performance reporting depends on the policy context around reporting.


Creating Sustained Improvements In Patient Access And Flow

Focus: Experiences from three Ontario Healthcare Institutions. A potential road map.


Overcoming Mental Models Of Traditional Healthcare Leadership

Focus: What do consumers need and how can the system respond?


The Little Engine That Could

Focus: Leaderships lesson from a children's book. All about courage and will power.


A Healthcare System Is Ours To Create

Focus: We have all the gifts to be successful.


A Call For A New Connectivity

Focus: Elements of our system should be integrated so that it is impossible to think of any strand without involving the others.


We Have A Perfect Storm - Let's Use It

Focus: Leverage points for change are not being used.


Asking The Unaskable-Thinking The Unthinkable

Focus: Posing wicked questions to test the assumption held.


Local Health Integration Networks: Build on Their Purpose

Focus: A high-level overview on the creation of Local Health Integration Networks and the complexities involved in their implementation. 

Patient Safety


Working Together For Safe, Efficient, And Quality Care

Focus: Time to start  improvement tidal waves today. What is holding us back.


Patient Safety Incident Disclosure and Analysis

Focus:  The importance of the patient and family voice.


Getting Serious About Medication Reconciliation

Focus: We all must continue to advance our practices along side innovation, technology and new methods.


National Perspectives on Patient Safety: Ten Years Later

Focus: Rountable discussion on patient safety - progress made and what's next.


The Owners Have a Right to be Heard: Patient Voice in Design and Performance Improvement

Focus: ASKING questions, LISTENING to hear and TALKING to create new conversations and narratives.

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